Letter from Cathy

Dear Friends,

TOUCH INC.  was incorporated in September of 2009 in order to provide some financial relief for cancer patients who are undergoing or recovering from treatments. The amount that we offer by many standards is small, but for these patients who are out of work or are only able to work part-time due to their illness, any amount of money helps provide some security. It is my hope that you will help TOUCH put its fingerprint on our communities and donate money to help provide for basic living needs for cancer patients.If you are not able to donate money, please consider volunteering to help with fundraisers for TOUCH. We are excited to have some new fundraiser opportunities and hope you will support cancer patients by joining in the fun of these events and/or sponsoring and volunteering! (Contact us at contact@touchindiana.org.)

TOUCH helps cancer patients with up to $250/month for non-medical financial assistance such as Transportation, Out-of-pocket expenses, Utilities, Childcare, and Housing. This support may continue for up to a year providing the patient is still undergoing treatment or recovery, and if funds are available. Although, we have been blessed with awards, fundraisers and donations in the past, we continuously require donations to sustain those applicants who are in great need and those who are just beginning their journey fighting cancer. The majority of money goes to rent and utilities. I hope you will find it in your heart to support TOUCH with a donation, so that we may continue to support cancer patients and help alleviate a small portion of the financial burden that the diagnosis of cancer brings with it. We have helped over 270 patients with over $350,000 since we gained our public charity status. We could not have done this without your support. Thank you!

Best regards,

Cathy Engel